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August 5, 2019

5 basic tips to save energy in housing

by administrator

Climate change is one of the hot topics of the moment.
There are many environmental factors that are being altered in recent years. And we can all do our bit to try to put a brake on it.

How ? To begin with, being aware of the energy savings in our own home . A measure that can not only help the environment, but also the family’s own economy.

Construction companies and consumer electronics companies are increasingly aware of energy savings. Both the new appliances that are launched on the market and the new houses incorporate improvements with which to emit the lowest amount of C0 2 possible to the atmosphere. And prevent the global demand for energy from reaching unsustainable limits.

On the occasion of World Energy Saving Day, which is celebrated on March 5, the real estate experts of Tiko have prepared a series of tips for individuals to become aware of how to make better use of energy in their homes.

With these tips, the whole family can carry out simple and efficient actions that will help combat climate change. But that at the same time will contribute to the sustainability of the Earth. And they will be used for personal economic savings.

  1. Betting on LED bulbs, low consumption
    The LED bulbs consume 22% less energy than conventional bulbs low consumption. And 80% less than incandescents. Among its great advantages it stands out that they adapt to any type of lamp. And its average duration is more than 10 years. Thus, although its price is higher than the others, in the long run it is more profitable for the pocket.
  2. Do not have on or stand-by electronic devices if they are not used
    There is no benefit, neither for the economy nor for the environment, in having an electronic device on or in ‘stand by’ if it is not taking advantage of it. What’s more, leaving any appliance in “saving mode” means up to 12% of the appliance’s annual consumption. If televisions, sound equipment or computer screens stay on, it could cost up to 100 euros per year.
  3. Use appliances with energy label A +++
    The energy label A +++ indicates that the appliance is a device of minimum consumption or low consumption. Devices with this cataloging have a more expensive sale price. But they are a long-term saving. By consuming less energy, less light is spent. This also has a positive impact on the household economy.

Periodically check the boiler maintenance

  1. Periodically check the maintenance of the boiler
    Performing a regular maintenance of the boiler not only serves to prevent it from spoiling ahead of time. But also to save energy and money. Hiring a boiler insurance that is responsible for this maintenance is basic. It is true that it supposes an annual disbursement, but in the long run the environment and the pocket will appreciate it.

In the event that the boiler is very old it is convenient to change it to a new one with the rating label A. Many autonomous communities organize renovation campaigns to guarantee energy efficiency and offer financial aid. Search the web page of your community for information about it.

  1. Do not abuse heating or air conditioning temperature
    It is important to maintain a balanced temperature in both winter and summer. The difference in degrees between the street and our home is usually significant. That is why it is basic to regulate the boiler or the air conditioning equipment so as not to waste too much energy and improve the efficiency of the appliances.
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