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SoBe Baby

miami-september-2009-099-300x225Moanna means ocean in Hawaiian. Steve and  I both love the beach; we are much better people when there is an ocean near by. We knew that we would not be able to see the ocean as much as we used to once we became parents, so we named our daughter Moanna. That way we could have the ocean with us everyday.

This summer we were finally able to take a quick trip to Miami. It was the first time that Steve and I had felt the sand between our toes since before Moanna was born. Consequently, it was also Moanna’s first trip to the beach. We didn’t know how she would respond to such a huge sand box and swimming pool. We held our breath as Steve held her hand and walked her down to the water’s edge. Less than a minute after she felt the water rush around her feet, Moanna was ready for us to take her out into the water. It was such a huge relief to know that our little ocean loved the big ocean.