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Jackie O Meets Mimo

july-pics-001-225x300Mimo (pronounced ME-MO) is a nick name we gave Moanna when she was still an infant. She was a very petite baby, so we started calling her Little Mimo (yes, after Finding Nemo).

This picture was taken on one of our many walks this summer. When Steve and I were both home in the evenings it became routine to take an stroll around the neighborhood. Moanna really enjoyed taking in the world around her, particularly the “firebugs.” Steve and I took advantage of that time to talk about our day, and our dreams for the future. Many evenings we would run into neighborhood friends who were out soaking up the same summer air, and sometimes we would find ourselves playing at the nearby park.

Our evening walks were a great way to come together as a family, and wind down before the night set in. Now that fall is here, and the air is turning crisp, we will have to say goodbye to our family strolls. Until the summer air returns, we will have to find an indoor activity to fill that void.