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How can you not feel sad when you live far away from your family?

No matter how old you are or where you live, if you are far from home it is normal that from time to time you feel a little sad because you miss those you love most: your family. There is no thing that does not make you remember them: a song, a meal, a place or the photos that you accidentally see on your cell phone. Being away is not easy!

There are many reasons that make you move away from your loved ones: studies abroad, search for better opportunities or employment in another city. And although it is normal to feel sad from time to time, it is an emotional state that you should avoid above all things. According to Gananci, these are some reasons why you need a plan B.

Here are some tips that will help you not feel sad when you are away from home, take note!

Internalize your reasons for being away

Once you have taken that big step by completely abandoning your comfort zone, it is important to be clear about the reasons that made you walk away: Do you want to grow professionally? Did a great opportunity come to your door? Are there no sources of employment in your country? Do you want to help your family financially?

Constantly remembering your goals will help you maintain focus, feel motivated and close the door to sadness. However, if you are that type of person who is carried away by the memories, a good way to keep the focus is to have a notebook with your reasons and goals noted. In this way, when you feel sad just open it to recover the perspective.

Keep your mind busy

They say that “a busy mind does not miss anyone”,and there is nothing more accurate than this. Obviously, if your motive for getting away from home was not fun, surely you will be busy most of the time. However, on your days off, if you stay all day at home, your mind will begin to fly and, BOOM!, Some tears may begin to sprout. There is nothing wrong with feeling nostalgic, the problem is when you start to think too much and focus, perhaps, on the negative part of not being with your family. To avoid this, plan things for yourself during the week: go to the beach, go for a bike ride, attend a yoga class or do whatever you think is fun. You will see that at the end of the day your memories will be so pleasant, that you will want to talk with your family just to tell them how well you spent it. This not only does you good, but also your family, Well knowing you makes them truly happy. If you are going through a difficult time, readthese phrases of encouragement in Gananci.

Make new friends

No matter where you are, having friends is one of the best remedies to not feel sad in this new life that you decided to undertake. Making new friends is like building a new family, a solid foundation of mutual support, a unit and having that warmth of home even when you are far away from your family. Do not isolate yourself or die to die. Remember that suffering is optional. If they invite you to go out, go! If they invite you to eat, go! If they invite you to run, go! Say yes to everything and you will see how little by little you will begin to create solid bonds with some people who, after all, will be with you both in good times and bad.

Keep in touch with your family

Talk with your family every day. It does not matter if they are not available at the same time, be sure to always leave a message, send a photograph or some voice note. They will do the same as soon as they receive something from you. Also make sure to set one day a week to make a video call and tell them in detail everything you did during the last days. In this way you can feel them closer even if they are far away. Keep in mind that communication is vital to stay motivated, happy and with your feet firmly on the ground. Besides, you are not the only one who misses, your family also misses you. Let them know that everything is going positively!

Definitely, distance can be a huge challenge for many. However, they are stages of life that must be lived. The secret is to stay focused.

Do you have any other advice you want to share to avoid sadness?


Away From Home but…

It can be difficult at times to be away from family or loved ones, when for major reasons you have to leave. Having to leave your place to train academically, for work, for health reasons and many other situations that may happen in life.

It is truly a great change in a person’s life. It is a new stage, new challenges, new opportunities, new relationships, new friendships, new neighbors, etc. Everything is new and we want to experiment and discover what is in the environment.

For a person accustomed to the comforts of a family or who did not care about chores, only about their personal things, being away from the family may seem like a sacrifice. Beyond the everyday things that need to be done in a house, getting used to being alone and dealing with not having the presence of the people we love can be difficult  for some. As human beings, we often need the containment of others and feel accompanied.

Sometimes, when things are going well, we can overlook those who are far away. We can not call them, or hang on to send text messages. But when reality is raw, when it does not go as we expected, if things do not turn out well, we realize how much we miss our loved ones.

Sometimes we can feel like leaving everything and running to find what we leave. The desire to want to be with our people is so great that sometimes our eyesight becomes cloudy and we remain blind with our initial objectives. We want to give up.

But there are options to continue in course and deal with the difficulties we can find. Mainly, we must focus on not being so negative by seeing what we lack, but putting our focus on all the good that is at our disposal. There are so many interesting possibilities that perhaps we still do not know and that we can discover in a new place , things that perhaps do not exist at home. This includes knowing new people.

Of course you should always be extra cautious with those people you do not know. It is not prudent to blindly trust any stranger, and one should always walk carefully in every new relationship. But through the right channels we can get to know reliable people with similar hobbies to ours, and discover friendships that bring wealth to our life.

On the other hand,  all the effort we make, to deprive ourselves of being with our own, we must see it as an investment, a springboard to achieve our dreams and our desires. 

This change is sometimes abrupt and requires dedication and great care to adapt to your new environment. Especially the first days, until the roots take the necessary strength so that it remains firm. Over time, its fruits will speak for themselves. “ So it is with those who must leave their place, get away from their families. It is a necessary process for our growth.…