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March 24, 2019

Why living in another country influences your world view

by administrator

1. Exposure to a new life

Abandoning everything that is familiar to you, even for a few months, generates fear but also excitement . Challenges will be presented that you never imagined and you will have to appeal to your creativity to overcome them. The temperature, the food and even the transport system will be challenges that you will need to face, developing alternatives and taking responsibility for your own life . Spending a lot of time in the comfort of your home will cause you to pond without even noticing. Mudarte will open your eyes to possibilities you did not know.

2. Openness to another culture

Each country has its customs and living in an environment completely different from yours or even similar – it will never be identical – will allow you to develop a greater tolerance towards what is different . You will accept the approaches of other people because you will analyze their behaviors from another perspective, a broader one. The only way to extend your thinking and even change the conceptions you had on a subject, is living in another country.

3. Plurality of thought

The mental structure of people depends closely on where they were raised. Knowing different voices will help you to understand how other people’s minds work and to cross ideas accepting the vision of the other. Cultural feedback will affect your attitudes when you return home, becoming an open person who can appreciate different scales of values in their contexts. You will be able to dialogue with people who disagree with your ideas about the world , but you can argue your opinions and accept those of others, fostering an environment of exchange.

4. Self-knowledge

You will know aspects of you that had not surfaced until now because you will be forced to take the reins : you will have to get accommodation, employment, even a fellow traveler to share experiences and dialogue from time to time. Establishing yourself in a new site is a push to develop new capabilities that did not surface in your daily life because they were unnecessary. You will test your communication skills with people who may not speak your language and you will expand your identity by adding knowledge.

5. Affirmation of personal qualities

Living with people immersed in a distant reality of yours  increases your confidence, tolerance and humility . You must adapt to conditions so different that the learning incorporated in that period will infiltrate your thinking, beliefs, opinions, ideas and behavior once you return to your country of origin. Venturing into a new country develops your sense of responsibility and commitment, as well as the ability to make friends as you interact with strangers constantly. You could even learn a new language .

6. Satisfaction for your achievement

Crossing the boundaries of your comfort zone will be a reason to be proud. To remain always in the same place will restrict your possibilities because you will not know other available ways. Living in another country shows that you have the ability to modify your environment and change the given circumstances to create alternatives that meet your personal goals. Facing obstacles makes you more solid, confident and capable , since occasionally you will have to overcome adverse circumstances in a place alien to your everyday reality.

How do I live in another country?

If you are a student, the best thing to do is to find a scholarship that suits you , it can be to pursue a graduate or undergraduate degree, execute an investigation, access a course on art or another specific area, develop a community project or do professional internships, Proposals that can also apply to graduates.

Another way to move is to get work abroad through employment portals, offer to collaborate in community brigades, compete internationally with your innovative ventures or generate your own resources with friends who have your same projects.

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