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February 21, 2019

Sports Therapy in Albuquerque

by administrator

Sports Therapy in Albuquerque specializes in prevention, emergency care and rehabilitation following a musculoskeletal injury that occurs while playing a sport.

Through immediate wound care, a personalized fitness plan and exercise prescription, the sports physical therapy or sports physiotherapist ensures athletes a safe and secure return to play as well as improved athletic development.

Through an approach in sports therapy, amateur and professional athletes ensure greater strength and optimal health of their bones, muscles and joints so they can regain their mobility and get better performance.

Sports physical therapists have training in exercise science with a specialization in sports therapy. They integrate knowledge in physiotherapy, occupational therapy and any discipline that can help each patient get back into shape.

If you trying to find a Sports Therapy in Albuquerque, we recommend PT first! Their experienced, licensed and board certified Sports Physical Therapists are passionate about helping you achieve relief of chronic pain, recover from injuries or surgery, return you to normal function.

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