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September 21, 2011


by administrator

The love between these two is too much to take.

Moanna loves Orion. Like, love, love, loves him.

Orion loves Moanna. Like, love, love, loves her.

Of course they express this love in different ways.Moanna expresses her love by smothering him with affection and cooing over him nonstop. Since Orion can’t smother and coo (well, he can but his vocab isn’t as extensive as Moanna’s), he expresses his love for Moanna by perking up when he sees her or hears her voice and trying to eat her face when she’s smothering him with love and coos.

In other news, we have the cutest flipping kids in the entire flipping world! I dare you to disagree.

And in case you were wondering, this is what we call sibling skin-to-skin. Moanna saw how Steve and I did skin-to-skin snuggling with Orion, and she wanted to do it too so that, and I quote “It’s important for Orion and I to bond.”


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