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December 6, 2011

Quotes From Moanna

by administrator

I know it’s been awhile since you’ve been blessed with Moanna’s brilliance, so I hope this makes up for it just a little tiny bit.

While putting up the Christmas tree…
Josh, “I didn’t know you had a saw?”
Moanna, “Well, APPARENTLY, we do!”

Trying to calm Orion down…
Moanna, “He won’t stop crying!”
Me, “Give him a binki.”
Moanna, “He doesn’t want the binki! CLEARLY, that is a “feed me cry” and I’m not equipped to handle that.”

When I’m in the zone, aka not paying attention to Moanna…
“Snap out of it Momma!”

Setting Orion down on the floor with Moanna…
Me, “Can Orion hang out  with  you for a few minutes so I can start dinner?”
Moanna, “I really need some alone time away from Orion right  now.”
Me, “… ”
… We all need our alone time now and then.

After very slowly and dramatically laying down in the middle of the floor…
“I’m too hungry to walk. I can’t go on any longer.”

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