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November 15, 2011

My Baby – Month Two and Three

by administrator

Some how my weekly baby posts went from weekly, to bi-weekly, to bi-monthly… These things happen when you have the cutest babies in the world.

The past two months have flown by at the speed of light. I am seriously amazed that this little guy is already three months old! I’m not sure how or when he went from being a new born to being a baby, nor am I sure when I went from being a total mess to being somewhat of a competent Mommy of two.

Orion is the happiest baby in the world. He smiles and laughs more than any baby I’ve ever met. When we go out and about, people are constantly telling me how they’ve never seen a baby that young and that engaged in the world. He is quite charming and he loves the ladies. You should see him turn on the flirt when a lady talks to him. A girl, familiar or new to him, can make eye contact with him and he’s all, “How you doin’?”

This kid hardly ever cries. Even when he’s “crying” it’s only to communicate. He’s not one to cry for sport. As long as he’s fed, has a dry butt and isn’t board you won’t hear a single protest from him. When he does protest, he has the cutest pouty lip you have ever seen. It’s to die for. Model agencies wish their babies had this pout.

The breastfeeding has drastically improved. He loves it. Looooves it. If I allowed him to, he would nurse 24/7. Now our challenge is that I don’t have quite enough milk to keep him satisfied so we’ve had to supplement him most days. He’s quite the little piggy. If I could sit around and nurse all day, supplementing probably wouldn’t be necessary. I really wanted to breastfeed exclusively until Orion was six months and continue nursing until he was one. I admire those of you who can accomplish that, and it still may be possible for Orion to get some breast milk for several more months, but I’m not sure that my original goal of nursing for a year is a realistic plan for us. Since our lives are so busy, and I have another little one to take care of, I have to accept my lacking milk supply and be grateful for what I can nurse and pump.

I fear (in a good way) that we are going to have an early crawler on our hands. When Orion spends time on his tummy he pushes up on to his hands for short periods of time so that he can look around. He also propels himself forward by digging his toes into the floor and stretching his legs. When held in a sitting position, he looks around and holds himself upright for extended periods of time before loosing focus and flopping over. He’s also starting to reach and grip onto things.

Steve has been traveling for most of the past two months, so we spend time on Skype. When Orion hears Steve’s voice, he perks up and starts looking for him. It’s really sweet. Orion loves his big sister. They play together more than I  thought they would at this point. If it’s been more than an hour since Moanna has seen Orion she MUST see him. When I pick her up from primary with him, she is delighted to see  Orion. I don’t think she even cares that I am there.

Orion’s likes and dislikes are developing more and more every day. It has been so fun to get to know him. His current dislikes are having a dirty diaper, being alone for too long and getting board. His current likes are playing with people (especially his big sister), getting changed (aka being naked), being outside, snuggling and eating. He’s very passionate about eating. For him it is much more than a survival thing.

And because people tend to be obsessed with babies’ weights, Orion is a whopping eleven pounds now.

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