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September 13, 2011

Maternity Leave is Over

by administrator

My six weeks is up. It’s time to start working again. No, I don’t work outside of the house. So, no, I don’t exactly have a “job” to get back to. On the other hand, I wasn’t fully “off” from my stay at home work either. Regardless, my six weeks is up and it’s time to get back at it.

Yesterday we had our six weeks postpartum visit with our beloved midwife Rachel. It was bitter sweet. We’re really going to miss her. Other than being scolded for not eating properly and remembering to take all of my vitamins (what’s new?), she gave Orion and I a thumbs-up.

Today, I woke up and got to work. I put on clothes and my tennis shoes (those are key) and started taking care of business. It has been a productive day. I wasn’t super woman productive, but considering the fact that I have a Mo and O to love, I think I did quite well for my first day “back at work.”

I did some laundry.

I cleaned the kitchen.

I took care of a trash can situation (don’t ask).

I sent a large printing job to the printers.

I did some calculations for Steve.

I order some reading books for Moanna.

I made (ahem reheated) lunch.

I resumed my 30 Day Challenges (It’s Day 16).

I wrote this post.

I did some other stuff that my sleep deprived brain can’t remember…

Tomorrow is Errands Day! The kiddos and I have done a few errands here and there, but tomorrow is our first full-blown-making-a-dozen-stops errands day. It might be comical, but we’re going to rock it.

Speaking of 30 Day Challenges…

Steve finished his 30 Day Challenge today! For the past 30 days Steve has gone to the gym. And I don’t mean, he went to the gym and looked at it and did a few sit ups. He went to the gym and kicked serious booty (his booty to be exact) every day. There were days that he had to seriously fight to get to the gym. We’re talking he had to get up crazy early, fight zombies, take down the Great Wall, and build a horse and buggy out of tooth picks to get to the gym. He was committed. He was determined. He was excited. He did it!

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