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Moving to another city: 8 Reasons Why!

Moving out of town is one of the hardest things to do. Leaving everything behind and starting from scratch is a great change that is accompanied by a mixture of feelings. On the one hand, you have the illusion of starting a new stage in your life. You know that everything will be different and that there are hundreds of opportunities waiting for you outside. On the other hand, you are not sure whether or not you have made the right decision or not. However, when the time comes to move, “destiny” sends you signals to help you make the …


Why living in another country influences your world view

1. Exposure to a new life

Abandoning everything that is familiar to you, even for a few months, generates fear but also excitement . Challenges will be presented that you never imagined and you will have to appeal to your creativity to overcome them. The temperature, the food and even the transport system will be challenges that you will need to face, developing alternatives and taking responsibility for your own life . Spending a lot of time in the comfort of your home will cause you to pond without even noticing. Mudarte will open your eyes to possibilities you did


10 Things that Change in your Life when Living Abroad


When you travel abroad, you join a special club: you will have two addresses, you will speak two languages ​​and you will carry two types of currency in your wallet. Neither do you have to get to the point of saying that you will have two personalities, but you will always be part of two worlds, your new home and the old one. The two worlds may fade more and more over time, but probably part of your mail will still be sent to your parents’ house or you’ll have a lot of


My Baby – Month Two and Three

Some how my weekly baby posts went from weekly, to bi-weekly, to bi-monthly… These things happen when you have the cutest babies in the world.

The past two months have flown by at the speed of light. I am seriously amazed that this little guy is already three months old! I’m not sure how or when he went from being a new born to being a baby, nor am I sure when I went from being a total mess to being somewhat of a competent Mommy of two.

Orion is the happiest baby in the world. He smiles and laughs …


30 Day Challenge Round Two

It’s October first and time for new 30 Day Challenges. This round I’m going to tackle two challenges.

If you are unfamiliar with 30 Day Challenges, check out this post for some inspiration. Go ahead; I’ll be here when you get back. Brilliant idea huh? Wish I’d thought of it myself.

My October Challenges are…

Challenge 1 – For the next 30 days I’m going to get up at the same time every single day. For some of you, especially those of you who don’t even need an alarm clock to wake you up, this is a far cry from …


30 Day Challenges Complete

I finally completed two out of three of my 30 Day Challenges! AND it only took me 72 days to do it! You see this baby of mine decided to show up three weeks early right smack dab in the middle of my challenges and it put a slight delay on things.

Orion made his debut on Day 16, so my challenges were split right in half. For the first 15 days I did awesome. I completed every challenge, every day with one exception. I was deathly ill the day before I went into labor, and didn’t make it to …


Yesterday’s Ta-Da List

Yesterday was productive. A Ta-Da List is in order. Sadly, I don’t remember everything I did. This is why it’s important to write your list as you go.

Read half a book

Cleaned kitchen

Cleaned microwave and stovetop

Did a load of laundry

Made bed

Showered Moanna

Wrote this post

Nursed more times than I can count on both hands

Pumped 1 ounce of milk

Touched up two bathrooms

Helped Moanna clean her room

Researched a few things online

Worked on blog stuff

… What am I forgetting?…



The love between these two is too much to take.

Moanna loves Orion. Like, love, love, loves him.

Orion loves Moanna. Like, love, love, loves her.

Of course they express this love in different ways.Moanna expresses her love by smothering him with affection and cooing over him nonstop. Since Orion can’t smother and coo (well, he can but his vocab isn’t as extensive as Moanna’s), he expresses his love for Moanna by perking up when he sees her or hears her voice and trying to eat her face when she’s smothering him with love and coos.

In other news, we …


Middle Name Announcement

Ladies and gents, Mr. Orion has a middle name. Finally!

I’d like you to meet, Orion James Adams.

James is Steve’s middle name and Jai’s (my stepdad’s) first name. We had a handful of middle names we were playing with for awhile. They all were good names with meaning and family ties. However, James spoke to us and sounded the best in between Orion and Adams.…


Why? – Repost From a Year Ago

Since I’m still getting back into the swing of things, and it’s fun to look back in time, I thought I would do a repost from a year ago today…

The post below was originally published a year ago. If you’re interested in reading it in it’s original glory, you can read it here, but it’s the exact same as what’s below.



Why do children insist on doing this? I’ve never seen a child play with a public fountain or a backyard sprinkler without doing this. Why?



Why is it that one of my favorite pictures …