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September 30, 2011

30 Day Challenges Complete

by administrator

I finally completed two out of three of my 30 Day Challenges! AND it only took me 72 days to do it! You see this baby of mine decided to show up three weeks early right smack dab in the middle of my challenges and it put a slight delay on things.

Orion made his debut on Day 16, so my challenges were split right in half. For the first 15 days I did awesome. I completed every challenge, every day with one exception. I was deathly ill the day before I went into labor, and didn’t make it to the office. After Orion was born, I took a six weeks “maternity leave.” After that six weeks, I restarted my challenges. I was able to complete my office challenge and my self spoiling challenge. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to complete the reading and commenting on ten new blogs a day challenge. I did it for a couple of days after the restart, but life with a new born is ca-razy and some days I didn’t even open my computer. Since I wasn’t able to complete that challenge, I am committed to finishing that challenge during the month of October. I have 13 days left of that challenge.

I won’t put you through the snooze fest of recapping the office challenge, but I will put you through a recap of my self spoiling challenge. That challenge scared me the most because I have never been very good at spoiling myself. I’ve gone through periods of being a good self spoiler and times of forgetting to take care of myself, much less spoil myself. I am proud of myself for being able to do something nice for myself for 30 days. Some days I did a much better job than others, but regardless I made a point to do something for myself each day.

1 – Read a magazine

2 – Showered alone (Moanna usually invades my showers)

3 – Went to bed early

4 – Took a shower alone and had Steve help me lotion my legs since my pregnant self was too fat to reach

5 – Watched Black Swan and ate ice cream (AMAZING movie!)

6 – Had a lazy day and didn’t cook (lame)

7 – Showered alone and went to Relief Society

8 – Went to Yin Yoga and read Ensign while waiting for class to start

9 – Napped and went to bed early

10 – Bought a few maternity clothes (that were returned because I went into labor before I had the chance to wear them)

11 – Watched Due Date (terrible movie), napped and went to bed early

12 – Laid down early and stayed up late talking to hubs on the phone

13 – Started reading a new book

14 – Read a little and showered alone until Moanna invaded the bathroom

15 – Showered, shaved my legs and clipped my toenails AFTER my water broke

“Maternity Leave”

16 – Got dressed to shoes as soon as I woke up

17 – Bought a shirt

18 – Got eyebrows waxed

19 – Wore heels

20 – Drove alone in the car (for me that’s a big deal because I’m never alone in the car)

21 – Napped

22 – Showered alone

23 – Went to lunch with friends and hung out at a friend’s house

24 – Watched TV alone after the kids went to sleep

25 – Researched and contacted potential women’s groups to join

26 – Called a friend

27 – Went to bed early (boo mastitis)

28 – Napped (boo mastitis)

29 – Had a friend come over to hang out

30 – Spent an hour and a half getting ready and went to a Junior League social

This challenge reminded me of the importance of taking care of and loving myself. I have been reminded that I am worth spoiling and that taking time to do nice things for myself gives me the energy I need to accomplish the many things on my daily to-do lists.

Now it’s time to start thinking about the next 30 days…

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