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8 tips to select options and improvements offered by your builder

One of the advantages of buying a new home is the opportunity to select features and finishes that reflect your personal taste and lifestyle. But for many homebuyers, particularly those who buy homes for the first time, the range of options can be dizzying.

Cabinets, bumpers or countertops, floors, fixtures, appliances, and even structural changes, such as additional bathrooms or garages, are just the beginning of an almost infinite number of options or improvements that your builder can allow you to select.

So what should a buyer do?

  1. Structural changes

Select additional elements or structural changes when you sign the …


5 basic tips to save energy in housing

Climate change is one of the hot topics of the moment.
There are many environmental factors that are being altered in recent years. And we can all do our bit to try to put a brake on it.

How ? To begin with, being aware of the energy savings in our own home . A measure that can not only help the environment, but also the family’s own economy.

Construction companies and consumer electronics companies are increasingly aware of energy savings. Both the new appliances that are launched on the market and the new houses incorporate improvements with which to …