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Residential Roofing

Are you looking for a Residential Roofing in Albuquerque

As a Residential Roofing Albuquerque for many years, K-Ram Roofing is able to meet all your needs concerning your residential roof. Whether it’s construction, repair, maintenance or roof repairs, our team of specialists will offer you the optimal solution to ensure your satisfaction.


Your roof is one of the most important elements of your property. Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect their house roofs , either by paying little attention to their contractor’s choice, pushing home renovations too long , or not planning regular maintenance.

In most cases, a residential roof is not part of a home’s


How is it really-going to live in the country?

Suddenly, when we saw movies, we no longer sighed for living on a gray sixteenth floor to the ‘How I met your mother’ , but for lunch in the midst of nature as ‘Memories of Africa’ . Oh, friends, he gave us. We entered and was gnawing little by little to the urbanite that was in us: it was the syndrome of ‘I leave everything’ .

And we left it, and we retired almost on tiptoe to the field after having managed to live so in the center of the city that we pulled the balcony and we were in


Sports Therapy in Albuquerque

Sports Therapy in Albuquerque specializes in prevention, emergency care and rehabilitation following a musculoskeletal injury that occurs while playing a sport.

Through immediate wound care, a personalized fitness plan and exercise prescription, the sports physical therapy or sports physiotherapist ensures athletes a safe and secure return to play as well as improved athletic development.

Through an approach in sports therapy, amateur and professional athletes ensure greater strength and optimal health of their bones, muscles and joints so they can regain their mobility and get better performance.

Sports physical therapists have training in exercise science with a specialization in sports therapy


How can you not feel sad when you live far away from your family?

No matter how old you are or where you live, if you are far from home it is normal that from time to time you feel a little sad because you miss those you love most: your family. There is no thing that does not make you remember them: a song, a meal, a place or the photos that you accidentally see on your cell phone. Being away is not easy!

There are many reasons that make you move away from your loved ones: studies abroad, search for better opportunities or employment in another city. And although it is normal