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Blizzard Bunny

moanna-still-sledding-video-383x288When I selected this picture back in December, I had no idea that blizzards would be the theme this winter. Ever since the first snow storm on December 18, 2009, the ground has been covered in snow almost all winter long. We have gotten more snow here in Virginia than our friends from the northern states and Canada. That’s El Nino for you. Rumor has it, we’re expected to get at least two more major snow storms before spring arrives, and one of those is expected in March.

Thankfully, mine and Steve’s dislike for the snow has not rubbed off on Moanna. However, I am also thankful that she only asks to go outside once per snow storm. It takes us a good forty-five minutes to an hour to gather the snow gear and suit up. Fifteen minutes of that is spent forcing Moanna’s snow boots on over two pairs of socks and three pairs of pants. The girl could break a sweat in Antarctica with all of the layers we put her in.

Moanna loves being in the snow. She is fascinated by it. Her favorite thing is to go sledding – if someone will carry her up the hill. If you don’t carry her, she’d rather sit at the bottom and eat snow while you make a fool out of yourself. She finds it hilarious when you fall off the sled.

Until this year, I thought Virginia would never see real snow again. It has snowed more this year than it has in the past several years combined. If this keeps up, we won’t see the grass until May.