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30 Day Challenges Complete

I finally completed two out of three of my 30 Day Challenges! AND it only took me 72 days to do it! You see this baby of mine decided to show up three weeks early right smack dab in the middle of my challenges and it put a slight delay on things.

Orion made his debut on Day 16, so my challenges were split right in half. For the first 15 days I did awesome. I completed every challenge, every day with one exception. I was deathly ill the day before I went into labor, and didn’t make it to the office. After Orion was born, I took a six weeks “maternity leave.” After that six weeks, I restarted my challenges. I was able to complete my office challenge and my self spoiling challenge. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to complete the reading and commenting on ten new blogs a day challenge. I did it for a couple of days after the restart, but life with a new born is ca-razy and some days I didn’t even open my computer. Since I wasn’t able to complete that challenge, I am committed to finishing that challenge during the month of October. I have 13 days left of that challenge.

I won’t put you through the snooze fest of recapping the office challenge, but I will put you through a recap of my self spoiling challenge. That challenge scared me the most because I have never been very good at spoiling myself. I’ve gone through periods of being a good self spoiler and times of forgetting to take care of myself, much less spoil myself. I am proud of myself for being able to do something nice for myself for 30 days. Some days I did a much better job than others, but regardless I made a point to do something for myself each day.

1 – Read a magazine

2 – Showered alone (Moanna usually invades my showers)

3 – Went to bed early

4 – Took a shower alone and had Steve help me lotion my legs since my pregnant self was too fat to reach

5 – Watched Black Swan and ate ice cream (AMAZING movie!)

6 – Had a lazy day and didn’t cook (lame)

7 – Showered alone and went to Relief Society

8 – Went to Yin Yoga and read Ensign while waiting for class to start

9 – Napped and went to bed early

10 – Bought a few maternity clothes (that were returned because I went into labor before I had the chance to wear them)

11 – Watched Due Date (terrible movie), napped and went to bed early

12 – Laid down early and stayed up late talking to hubs on the phone

13 – Started reading a new book

14 – Read a little and showered alone until Moanna invaded the bathroom

15 – Showered, shaved my legs and clipped my toenails AFTER my water broke

“Maternity Leave”

16 – Got dressed to shoes as soon as I woke up

17 – Bought a shirt

18 – Got eyebrows waxed

19 – Wore heels

20 – Drove alone in the car (for me that’s a big deal because I’m never alone in the car)

21 – Napped

22 – Showered alone

23 – Went to lunch with friends and hung out at a friend’s house

24 – Watched TV alone after the kids went to sleep

25 – Researched and contacted potential women’s groups to join

26 – Called a friend

27 – Went to bed early (boo mastitis)

28 – Napped (boo mastitis)

29 – Had a friend come over to hang out

30 – Spent an hour and a half getting ready and went to a Junior League social

This challenge reminded me of the importance of taking care of and loving myself. I have been reminded that I am worth spoiling and that taking time to do nice things for myself gives me the energy I need to accomplish the many things on my daily to-do lists.

Now it’s time to start thinking about the next 30 days……


Yesterday’s Ta-Da List

Yesterday was productive. A Ta-Da List is in order. Sadly, I don’t remember everything I did. This is why it’s important to write your list as you go.

Read half a book

Cleaned kitchen

Cleaned microwave and stovetop

Did a load of laundry

Made bed

Showered Moanna

Wrote this post

Nursed more times than I can count on both hands

Pumped 1 ounce of milk

Touched up two bathrooms

Helped Moanna clean her room

Researched a few things online

Worked on blog stuff

… What am I forgetting?…



The love between these two is too much to take.

Moanna loves Orion. Like, love, love, loves him.

Orion loves Moanna. Like, love, love, loves her.

Of course they express this love in different ways.Moanna expresses her love by smothering him with affection and cooing over him nonstop. Since Orion can’t smother and coo (well, he can but his vocab isn’t as extensive as Moanna’s), he expresses his love for Moanna by perking up when he sees her or hears her voice and trying to eat her face when she’s smothering him with love and coos.

In other news, we have the cutest flipping kids in the entire flipping world! I dare you to disagree.

And in case you were wondering, this is what we call sibling skin-to-skin. Moanna saw how Steve and I did skin-to-skin snuggling with Orion, and she wanted to do it too so that, and I quote “It’s important for Orion and I to bond.”



Middle Name Announcement

Ladies and gents, Mr. Orion has a middle name. Finally!

I’d like you to meet, Orion James Adams.

James is Steve’s middle name and Jai’s (my stepdad’s) first name. We had a handful of middle names we were playing with for awhile. They all were good names with meaning and family ties. However, James spoke to us and sounded the best in between Orion and Adams.…


Why? – Repost From a Year Ago

Since I’m still getting back into the swing of things, and it’s fun to look back in time, I thought I would do a repost from a year ago today…

The post below was originally published a year ago. If you’re interested in reading it in it’s original glory, you can read it here, but it’s the exact same as what’s below.



Why do children insist on doing this? I’ve never seen a child play with a public fountain or a backyard sprinkler without doing this. Why?



Why is it that one of my favorite pictures taken of Moanna  this summer  is washed out, grainy and not in fantastic focus? Look at her running away from the water screaming bloody joy. Why?




Maternity Leave is Over

My six weeks is up. It’s time to start working again. No, I don’t work outside of the house. So, no, I don’t exactly have a “job” to get back to. On the other hand, I wasn’t fully “off” from my stay at home work either. Regardless, my six weeks is up and it’s time to get back at it.

Yesterday we had our six weeks postpartum visit with our beloved midwife Rachel. It was bitter sweet. We’re really going to miss her. Other than being scolded for not eating properly and remembering to take all of my vitamins (what’s new?), she gave Orion and I a thumbs-up.

Today, I woke up and got to work. I put on clothes and my tennis shoes (those are key) and started taking care of business. It has been a productive day. I wasn’t super woman productive, but considering the fact that I have a Mo and O to love, I think I did quite well for my first day “back at work.”

I did some laundry.

I cleaned the kitchen.

I took care of a trash can situation (don’t ask).

I sent a large printing job to the printers.

I did some calculations for Steve.

I order some reading books for Moanna.

I made (ahem reheated) lunch.

I resumed my 30 Day Challenges (It’s Day 16).

I wrote this post.

I did some other stuff that my sleep deprived brain can’t remember…

Tomorrow is Errands Day! The kiddos and I have done a few errands here and there, but tomorrow is our first full-blown-making-a-dozen-stops errands day. It might be comical, but we’re going to rock it.

Speaking of 30 Day Challenges…

Steve finished his 30 Day Challenge today! For the past 30 days Steve has gone to the gym. And I don’t mean, he went to the gym and looked at it and did a few sit ups. He went to the gym and kicked serious booty (his booty to be exact) every day. There were days that he had to seriously fight to get to the gym. We’re talking he had to get up crazy early, fight zombies, take down the Great Wall, and build a horse and buggy out of tooth picks to get to the gym. He was committed. He was determined. He was excited. He did it!


My Baby – Week Four and Five

Sorry for the combo post, but the past two weeks have been all about the boobs. All about the boobs. Orion and I spend at least a third of the day nursing, and sometimes more. It’s a full time job, and some days we go into overtime with no extra pay.

First let me say how unbelievably grateful I am that for the past two weeks I have been able to breastfeed full time. No pumping. No finger feeding. Just breastfeeding. I did it! We did it! With the support of Steve, Moanna, family and friends, Orion and I were able to push through the many challenges we faced in the first three weeks so that we could make breastfeeding work. GOOALLLLL! So proud.

Now, can I just say that I feel like one of those 24 hour buffets in Vegas and Orion lost all of his money at the poker table so now he’s trying to earn it back by eating nonstop. All day and all night the kid is at the buffet. I don’t even bother trying to keep up with how many times a day he nurses. It’s close to a million times a day. And each nursing session takes no less than half an hour, and more often than not, it’s an hour or more. At night, he sleeps attached to me. Some nights the only time I have to wake up is when we need to switch sides. Other nights, it feels like I’m awake every half hour because he’s grunting and having a temper fit while eating. Why? I have no clue. If you know, please shed some light because I’m getting less sleep than I did the first few weeks of his life.

It has become more of a challenge to get things done now that we are nursing. Not only does Orion take an eternity to eat, but he freaks out if I lay him down. When he was finger feeding, I could somewhat easily transfer him to the couch or what not so that I could get up and play with Moanna or clean something or eat something or shower or rest. I haven’t napped since we started nursing because if I can get him to sleep without touching me I jump up (sorta) to accomplish something before he realizes I’m gone. I’m trying to learn how to do things in the Moby or one handed, but I’m not too skilled in that department yet. I’ve started letting him cry (it’s so sad) for a bit while I rush to get something done. Today I finally found a position I can nurse in and still have both hands free to type. I’m wearing quite thin. I’m under fed, under rested and my back, neck, shoulders and arms are killing me because of being stuck in breastfeeding positions all day and not being able to sleep by myself at night. I totally get why people hire help (house keepers, nannies, nurses, high school and college kids to do odd things around the house) after their babies are born. I used to judge people a little bit for having hired help when they stayed at home. Why can’t you take care of your family when you don’t even have to go to work every day? Now, I’m like sign me up! Where can I get me one of those? Someone to cook, clean the kitchen, do laundry, run my errands and hold my baby for a few hours so I can sleep, shower and do something productive and I’d be in business.

In other news…the kids and I have survived three trips to the grocery store and a trip to the post office (my least favorite errand ever). We have had two family days and a few other outings. I have picked up Moanna a few times in the past week, and oh my goodness she feels like a ton of bricks after holding Orion day in and day out. Moanna and I have also been able to cook together a couple of times and play together a bit. Orion is growing; we can see him changing every day. He copies us when we stick out our tongues, and he spends time every day working his arms and legs.

Oh, and my favorite… Orion, Moanna and I took a shower-bath together and he LOVED it. Since his first bath the day after he was born, I’ve been giving him sponge baths because I feared him freaking out. Well the other day, Moanna and I were taking a shower while Orion was hanging out on a blanket on the bathroom floor. He got angry out there by himself, so I stipped him down and brought him in with us. He was instantly happy. I stood under the shower with him for a while and then we sat down in the bath and I made a little lounge chair for him out of my legs in the water. Moanna and I washed him off and played with him for a bit. It was a lot of fun. When we were done, I wrapped him up in a towel and held him against me for a long time. He was totally silent and still. Then I laid him down wrapped up in the towel and he fell asleep for awhile. His love for the warm water and sunshine proves that he is one of us. I can’t wait to see how he feels about sand!

I can’t believe this kid is a month old!…


Mazel tov

My big sister did this to me…

At least I’m still too little for her to dress up like a doll……